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Dipti Thuse – Founder

Dipti’s background is in Finance/ Analytics in Ecommerce and Technology companies such as Amazon.com and GlobalScholar. She earned her MBA from Carnegie Mellon University and is a Chartered Accountant by training.

Her experience in working in the best of breed companies such as Amazon.com has given her a profound appreciation for customer focused and data driven decision making.

As a consultant to several small companies, she has seen firsthand the extent to which SMEs lack resources to leverage technology and analytics. She’s also seen the tremendous benefit these companies can derive when they do get access to these resources. Seeing this unmet need, Dipti decided to found GetInSellOut.com to bring the same caliber of resources, typically enjoyed by large companies, to SMEs at a negligible price.

Rishi Bal – Technical Advisor

With over a dozen years of experience in large companies such as Microsoft, start-ups and incubators, Rishi brings a wealth of knowledge to GetInSellOut.com.