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Jake Haupert, Owner – Evergreen Escapes

Tours – Kayaking | Biking | Hiking | Snowshoeing | Winery | Brewery | Photography | City | National Parks
Just like any business owner, my plate is always full, GISO has allowed me to focus more on the business and less on the day to day booking process. In addition to the cutting edge functionality, the team at GISO understands how to take care of their clients and how a true partnership helps all of us grow.
Adventurous, innovative and on a rapid growth trajectory, EverGreen Escapes is one of the largest independent tour operator company in Pacific Northwest. With high end half day to week long tours, Jake and his team of scores of tour guides trust GISO to help them stay organized and on top of their game.

Karen Driver, President – All Adventures Rafting

Tours – Rafting
GISO has saved us hours of time on the phone and increased our sales by 30%. It is the only service on the market today that is affordable for small business and makes us competitive with other large-scale rafting companies.
Karen has been running rafting trips for over 40 years! The first woman to crack the level 5 Husum falls, Karen managed the software adventure in phases. She’s now using GISO for all her reservations and operations and has freed herself to pursue her real passion – rafting!

Dan Malmanger, President – Tours Northwest & Seattle Tours

Tours – City | National Parks | Factory | Winery
A great product at a great price!
I can create, add, delete and change tours in minutes. Now I don’t have to wait for or pay my web designer.
They keep a sharp eye on visitors movements and conversion rates then adjust accordingly. I get right though to customer service almost every time. When I don’t they get back to me in short order. Constantly improving the product. I can’t wait to see the next update.
One of the largest independent tour operator in WA state, Dan started Tours Northwest over 20 years ago. Since then, they have served several hundred thousand customers. He added online reservations to meet the changing preferences of his customers – particularly the younger demographic and international tourists.

Michael Rogers, Owner – Seattle Food Tours

Tours – Food and Cultural Tours
Working with GISO is more like a partnership then a typical business transaction. I feel like I have found technology partners that understand the online space and are accessible 24/7. Their commitment to customer service and ability to understand my business has not only saved me thousands of dollars in one summer alone but it’s also increased my sales!
A food buff and passionate tour guide, Michael started the original Pike Place food tour in Seattle.

Tonio Tello, Owner – Immersus Tours

Tours – Walking
As a small operator, I can’t believe how efficient it is to have a reliable online booking system. No more phone bookings. The level of communication we’re having with our customers would never have been possible without GISO’s automated emails.
The personal interaction with the staff is something you won’t find anywhere. I feel they really care and understand my business. I love that GISO is fully vested in my success and have aligned their incentives with mine.
Tonio started Immersus Tours to bring to Seattlites and Seattle guests the urban adventure of walking tours.

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