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Get the perfect fit

Find yourself paying too much for a custom solution or settling for a one size fits all software?

Sell 1K tickets or 100K tickets – we take the time to understand your unique needs and customize the solution to best meet them. Oh..and did we mention this service is complimentary?
We’re focused on a very narrow niche – adventure and urban tours. Even in this narrow segment, no two activities are the same, no two tour operators are same, no two operators’ customer demographics are same. A rafting company’s needs are different from those of a zipline company. A tour operator who has 2 tours running every day needs to view his dashboard differently from one running 20 tours a day. A company that gets most of its business at the last minute has to operate differently from one that gets mainly advance bookings. We take the time to understand your needs and customize the solution so that you get the highest conversion and efficiency by using GISO.

Customized for your needs

Drive more sales

You have a good gut feel for your phone conversion rate. Do you closely track your website conversion? Do you constantly improve your online booking process to increase that rate?

We do – incessantly tweak layout, wording, speed, graphics, colors and many more variables that impact reservations. We obsess, really obsess over conversion – in fact that’s how we measure our performance. What use is our Amazon and Microsoft background if all we offer you is an online reservation solution? We put that to use to help convert more of those leads into customers.
What do you care? Just imagine what happens when your conversion doubles? Same marketing spend. Twice the sales!
You can focus your energy on building your brand and driving more traffic to your site. We help you convert targets into customers.

You market. We close. Double your online sales.

Engage your customers

Want to offer mind-blowing customer service but don’t have the bandwidth for it?

Let us take care of the basic customer communication and free up your staff and yourself to go above and beyond in customer care. Customers get beautifully designed automated emails for purchase confirmation, reminders and follow-up. You can inspire your customers to connect with you in any of the popular social media. You also have several opportunities to market to your customers – your other tours or those of your partners.

Automate emails, Facebook and Twitter connection, TripAdvisor reviews

Experience what ease of use really means

(Yes you’re permitted to fall in love with GISO :-) )

Have you been led to believe that software can either be powerful or simple?

You will find GISO to be a refreshing change. It’s incredibly powerful but everything is just a few clicks away.
If you can use Gmail or Facebook, you can use GISO.
Have new guides or office staff every season? No worries – the management portal is intuitive and designed with simplicity in mind, so that you never have to spend any time training yourself or your team.

Never spend another minute training your guide and staff

Save money and time

Sounds great, but not in the mood to invest in yet another software?

Experience another breathe of fresh air. GISO is free for your use. No setup fee. No monthly fee. No hidden charges. No annual contracts. Nothing zippo. Our pricing is straightforward – we charge 99 cents per ticket to the ticket buyer.
By automating reservations, purchase confirmations, accounting and reporting you can save on office staff and your own time. No additional hardware or software to buy.

What will you do with all that saving?

Let us be your technology partners

Concerned that you’d need your “tech-guy” to work with us?

You don’t. Right from the setup we work with you to get you going. Think of us as your technology partners. We’re vested in your success. We only make money when you do.
We understand that our service is business critical. If you need to reach us, just holler. We’re accessible 24/7/365.

Excellent customer service. You can reach us 24/7/365!

Leverage our ecommerce expertise and innovation!

Ever yearned to hire tech wizards or top 10 school MBA, but had no way to?

Online. Social. Mobile. Local. Technology is enabling entirely new paradigms at an unprecedented pace. We track the space, preempt changes and their implications. And we innovate for you. So that you don’t need to worry about technology and can stay focused on your business.
Our team is ex-Amazon and Microsoft. We have expertise in developing e-commerce and online services. Our mission is to bring to you the same caliber of technology and analytics resources that are typically accessible only to large company.

Your personal tech and business wizards, innovating for you

Interested? Reach us at 888-866-5860 or [email protected]

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