What will people turn to after they’ve saturated their homes and lives with physical things?
Experiential consumption! That’s the future. And you’re making it happen today.

Our goal is to make you successful in your mission.

Experiential consumption. That’s the future.

You – our customers – are enabling others to enjoy experiences. You’re building an industry that rejuvenates, entertains, educates and thrills in a sustainable way. Experiences build bonds and memories – a gift that keeps giving.

You inspire us. Our goal is to make you successful in your mission, to equip you with the best and simplest technology that does all the hard work behind the scenes – technology that helps you grow your business, converting visitors into lookers and lookers into bookers. And oh – make your life easier. You’re enabling people to dive from sky or ride the waves. Let’s not bog you down with technology issues.

At GISO, we’re excited about the opportunity to shape the future of tour and activity industry. We are at an exciting time in this space. Both locals and travelers are venturing out in ever larger numbers. Existing companies continue to see a growth in interest and new companies are offering creative new tours every week. At GISO we see ourselves helping connect even more locals and travelers to the tours you provide. As users search & browse for things to do across different sites and mobile devices, we see technology as an important part of connecting buyers back to your company. With the work we are doing with APIs, Mobile, Social and integration with demand channels, we will continue to drive more sales and efficiency back to your companies. You – our customers inspire us with the exciting work you do to transform the industry that we are in.

Dipti Thuse – CEO

Dipti’s background is in Ecommerce and Technology companies such as Amazon.com and GlobalScholar. She earned her MBA from Carnegie Mellon University and is a Chartered Accountant by training. Her experience in working in the best of breed companies such as Amazon.com has given her a profound appreciation for customer focus.

As a consultant to several small companies, she has seen firsthand the extent to which SMEs lack resources to leverage technology and analytics. She’s also seen the tremendous benefit these companies can derive when they do get access to these resources. Seeing this unmet need, Dipti decided to found GetInSellOut.com to bring the same caliber of resources, typically enjoyed by large companies, to SMEs at a negligible price.

Rishi Bal – CTO

For the past 8 years, Rishi has done some amazing stuff at Microsoft and prior to that he has worked with different startups. His experience is such a perfect match for GISO’s needs – building brand new technology products, taking them from their first line of code to $100 million in revenue, launching software that helps companies reach and sell to online users and connect millions of consumers with businesses – it’s like he’s spent the last 14 years preparing for GISO.

He launched Microsoft’s first Behavioral Targeting System, Microsoft’s first Context Based Targeting, Ad syndication for publishers – large and long tail.

James Melcer – VP Customer Success

James has been delivering experiences to customers in the travel and tourism industry for over 10 years. His experience includes high-traffic attraction management, resort hospitality, modern electronic payment systems, and industry specific technology solutions. In his role at GISO James leverages his diverse skill set to help tour and activity operators delight their customers and grow their business.

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